Summer School – First Edition

The first edition of Minds Together Summer School took place on July 8-12, 2019.

There were 5 days full of dialogue and continuous interaction, in which the 9 law students deepened the legal situations in the smallest details, forming a clearer image about the litigation lawyer, due to the presentations, discussions and workshops.

We had hands-on workshops about procedural documents, evidence, pleadings and the power of the chosen word. Every workshop related to the special guest we had in the evening. There were with us: Ovidiu Vanghele – investigative journalist, who shared with us tips on how the documentation is done in a press investigation, Bazil Oglinda – Vice-president of the International Commercial Arbitration Court, who spoke about the recruiting process of law firms and what expectations they have from young lawyers, Alexandru I. Grama – air traffic controller, who explained how small details can make a big difference, and finally we rose to crescendo with chef Adi Hadean in his Attic Lab for stories that nurtured the mind, body and soul.

We are more than ready for the second edition, with more surprises coming up!